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Coronavirus Guidance

Sadly, the Coronavirus (Covid 19) is still with us Northern Ireland and Ireland.

As BCC is part of the Northern Ireland & Ireland communities, we are now implementing measures and services to protect and reassure both our own clients and the whole community.

BCC is working with the Department of Health to ensure that all measures and services we implement help to combat the spread of Coronavirus (Covid 19).

Everyone can do their bit to minimise the risk to themselves and others by simply washing their hand with some kind of cleaning agent and ensuring they wash their whole hands and wrists for at least twenty seconds.

With Guidance from the Department of Health, BCC has now implemented a number of measures within its usual cleaning service to help protect its clients and members of their staff from becoming infected.

These include special cleaning agents to be used during regular cleaning that are specifically design to combat the spread of viruses.

Our staff have also been instructed to focus on all touch points within all areas and to change gloves once entering different sections within. building they are cleaning.

Deep Clean for Coronavirus

BCC also understand that some people may have fear about the environment they are in and the potential for someone within their environment to become infected with the virus.

BCC has now invested strongly with new products and equipment, enabling us to offer a deep clean for any environment that you want to ensure is protected against the virus.

In addition, if your environment has been infected by the virus we can step in help.

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